Webinar on-demand:

Constraints-free content management is possible. Make your CMS work for you.

Is your marketing cloud investment creating bottlenecks, impacting your ability to deliver, or providing less business value than expected? It can be challenging to select the right content management tool that balances cost, investment and future needs.  

Enterprise platforms are often marketed as one-shot solutions but fail to highlight the investment and development efforts. Headless and microservice architectures optimize the speed and agility of delivery. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the right-fit scenarios for decoupled solutions and how lightweight CMS platforms can accelerate feature delivery.
You'll learn how to:
  • Determine which architecture pattern is the right fit for your business
  • Change the approach to content structure for multi-channel distribution
  • Create incremental shift towards a more agile architecture and delivery
  • Optionally leverage cloud infrastructure to reduce operational costs
Ditmar Haist - VP, Digital Innovation
Ditmar is an engineer and technology leader with over 25 years experience, ranging from plant floor robotics to Cloud Native, eCommerce, and modern web. He also has experience working on a global deployment of AEM for an automotive company. As the VP of Architecture & Innovation at Rangle, he specializes in helping companies apply technology to accelerate their business outcomes.
Rick Poulin - Director, Digital Innovation
Rick works closely with clients to understand their organizational goals and create a technology roadmap that delivers optimal business value. As a former WCM Solution Architect, Rick has an extensive background in both web platform renewal and enterprise system integration. He is a leader in helping teams create step-by-step transformation within corporate environments. Rick has a degree in Computer Science from Carleton University.