Yena Lee, Strategist
Nataliya Ioffe, Developer

Smarter Sales Campaigns with Sanity

Learn how to launch promotional banners and sales content seamlessly across your site without developer bottlenecks. We cover how to audit your sales content workflows to create a headless e-commerce roadmap that works for your brand and walk through examples of how we’ve solved sales campaigns for major e-commerce brands.

Robyn Dalgeish, Software Developer
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

In this webinar, our solution architect, Robyn Dalgleish, takes you through the process of building a high-performing Angular app. During this session, Robyn explores key topics, including: rendering strategies to achieve optimal speed; introducing a meta-framework called Analog; dynamic component rendering and routing in Angular; and harnessing the power of Contentful headless CMS.

Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Going headless does not automatically bestow upon your site better SEO and speed. What it does is give you the freedom, flexibility and control to implement the right strategy for your business. We discuss the technical factors to optimize for SEO and performance in your headless application.

Headless CMS primer

Get up speed on the things that matter.


Learn the key concepts and lingo with these posts that go a little deeper than just the basics.

Lego Darth Vader and Headless Stormtrooper
Ben Hofferber, Technical Director, Digital Innovation
Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Classic content management systems (CMSs) allowed authors to show up with their content without needing much help from developers or designers to update content on these sites. As time progressed, these CMSs became burdensome to those utilizing them. We see teams lack the flexibility to work with the tooling that they desire, leading to hiring challenges. Publishing slows, and time-to-market for new changes slows to a crawl. IT budget jumps as adaptations to configure custom solutions to solve business problems slow upgrades and further work. Customers struggle with longer load times and notice features missing compared to other newer sites.

man holding pineapple covering head
Scott Fuller, Developer
Ben Hofferber, Technical Director, Digital Innovation
Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Nataliya Ioffe, Developer
Yena Lee, Strategist

A headless CMS offers more flexibility to integrate with a variety of front-end solutions and devices, making it an excellent option for highly scalable and performance-focused websites. Non-technical team members can edit content, optimize for SEO and performance, and use the same content across different channels and touch points.

Person at computer working
Ditmar Haist, Chief Digital Officer

Content management is an underestimated aspect of an organization's digital footprint. Content embodies most digital elements of a business (and a brand). Given the importance, how you invest in supporting the user experience impacts your clients and your internal teams, both today and for the future.


A Headless CMS not only future-proofs your content stack but allows for better and more personalized customer experiences.

Happy customer at laptop
Ackah Blay, Manager, Digital Marketing & Analytics

In today’s digital age, we're more connected than ever, which means there’s a greater opportunity for connecting in a meaningful way. According to Statista, the total amount of data created, captured, and consumed globally was expected to reach 64.2 zettabytes in 2020.

post it note with CX written on it
Brendon Montgomery, SVP Sales & Marketing

Products and platforms exist for every industry, and all claim to make building your customer experience easier, more cost effective, and seamless across digital channels. They offer rich data and infrastructure, as well as frontend or customer experience features. Working with well-established platforms can be beneficial for reducing your lead time to launch new customer experiences, with their solid infrastructure, strong security and data measures, and well-connected features.

Multi-outlet extension cord being used
Naim Yagoub, Program Director - Digital Delivery

Are you moving to a headless CMS? It's rarely done in isolation, and in Rangle's experience, it impacts the digital ecosystem of an organization – with the potential to unlock new digital experiences when done correctly.


While a Headless CMS has huge benefits it comes with unique challenges as well. Read on to find out what to consider in your Headless migration.

strangler fig tree
Willian Corrêa, SVP of Technology, Engineering

In the first article of our four-part series, The Value Pattern: Migrating to Headless CMS with Confidence, we introduce the value pattern approach and a step-by-step process of how it looks in the context of a CMS migration.

Preview of video recording of webinar, showing Rangle on the first slide
Scott Fuller, Developer

We walk through the steps of using Sanity Connect to sync data between Shopify & Sanity.

phone with query "what is the best headless CMS" and ChatGPT beginning to reply with "It's"
Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Yena Lee, Strategist
Ben Hofferber, Technical Director, Digital Innovation
Nataliya Ioffe, Developer

Plus, what AI won’t tell you about how to choose a headless CMS. Read how Sanity, Contentful, and Strapi compare on features that matter.

Rendering of Headless CMS playbook

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We partnered with Hims & Hers digitizes healthcare in the U.S. and U.K. with Contentful

Hims launched a sister site (Hers) and then went live with a regionalized U.K. site within 30 days!

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