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The four non-negotiable attributes of digital experience platform success

Digital experiences are where customers communicate what they want, how they want it. Managing these experiences is where digital-first companies win or lose.

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From Product to Platform

Rangle is a Scaled Experience Engineering consultancy that partners with global brands and funded scale ups to build the next-gen Products and Digital Experience Platforms that will define their future.

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Doing the right thing, the right way, and then improving it.

We partner to build great customer experiences by working with our clients on their most challenging problems. We engage in an immersive one-team, one-mission model to deliver meaningful results.

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Scaled Contentful on Next.js

While Contentful makes a compelling Headless CMS platform for teams to build on, we see some challenges when working with Next.js. Here, we discuss how to best match the two APIs when looking to scale applications out.

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How to build a React app using Remix (Part 3 of 3)

In Part 3 of our three-part series, you will learn how to combine Remix and Redis cache.

Dice Loss Consultancy: Making a game of consulting

Introducing Rangle's Dice Loss Consultancy: A game of consulting that aims to contribute to wellness and community building, reinforce the sense of belonging, and create opportunities for personal development.

Our clients

From innovative startups to leading enterprises, over 100 forward-thinking organizations have partnered with us. Together we define, innovate, design, and build customer-focused digital experiences that are changing the world around us.

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Rangle gave us permission to prioritize the customer because true innovation is anchored by the customer…and how we drive better experiences for them.

Lance Martel, CIO, Staples Canada

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