Brandon Surya, Staff Product Designer
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Why You Should Use Tokens & Tokens Studio

You’re using tokens and you don’t even know it. One of the goals of a design system is to close the gap between multiple disciplines and especially between design and development. With the features and tools Figma provides us, this gap becomes smaller. But what if I tell you with the proper integration of design tokens, we can make this gap closer than it was ever before. Let’s talk about tokens and how it can level up your design system.

figma 2023 updates
Severin Wille, VP of Product Design

Figma has made a big leap forward and is striving to enable a new kind of designer within the tool: the technical-inclined designer, who is closer to a developer and likes to figure out the logic and set up their designs to scale.

Frontend Cloud primer

Get up speed on the things that matter.


abstract image depicting multi-brand design systems
Sananda Dutta, Senior Product Designer

Interested in learning how to build a multi-brand design system using Figma variables? We suggest two approaches for organizing your design system based on the number of brands and their distinctiveness. Using Figma variables offers several benefits, including centralized asset management, brand customization, and efficient design workflow. However, managing a multi-brand design system also presents challenges such as collaboration, scalability, and governance. Overall, the strategic use of variables can revolutionize how you manage and present your brand identities.

figma variables and tokens studio icons
Bohdan Anderson, Developer

In this blog, we compare the strengths and weaknesses of Figma variables and Tokens Studio, and the implications of each on the design system you’re creating.

figma dev mode button
Brandon Surya, Staff Product Designer
Joshua Lee, Senior Product Designer
Bohdan Anderson, Developer

Figma's commitment to collaboration tools, such as comments and developer plugins, ensures a seamless and transparent exchange of ideas between design and development teams. With Figma's Dev Mode, the communication gap has narrowed, and developers are now equipped with a tool that not only enhances their workflow but also fosters a collaborative and productive development experience.


Girl wearing an orange hoodie looking at UI/UX design on her phone
Geethu Krishnaswamy, Agile Quality Analyst

What do the UX and UI design processes look like? This article will guide you to better understand how to form a good UX/UI product testing roadmap.


abstract frontend cloud
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Welcome to the realm of frontend cloud. If you're feeling a bit lost, don't worry – you're not alone. In this blog post, we'll demystify the frontend cloud, break down the jargon and explore its benefits to understand why it's crucial for your digital success.

vercel modern web hosting
Adrienne Marshall, Director, Client Partnerships & Strategic Alliances
Bertrand Karerangabo, Chief Strategy Officer

This article discusses how to use a modern frontend cloud solution like Vercel within your corporate IT strategy and a way to retain your frontend staff who crave a modern way of working.

abstract image depicting digital transformation
Nick Van Weerdenburg, CEO and Founder

Many companies dream of unifying their disparate products into a single customer-centric platform to achieve happier customers, competitive differentiation, and a larger market share. Rangle has been helping customers achieve this for 10 years. In this blog post, we reflect on our experiences and share our recommendations for a successful digital transformation in under 12 months.