Webinar on-demand:

AI product development, done the right way

Learn how one of the most promising pre-seed startups in the country took their AI product from idea to working demo in just two weeks.
Despite the hype around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, many companies struggle to get AI projects off the ground. Why do these efforts get stuck, and what patterns lead to success? Find out how Babbly partnered with Rangle to successfully kickstart an AI product that tracks speech development in children.  
What you'll learn:
  • How to break through common obstacles to get started quickly and show value early.
  • Why a holistic outcome-driven approach is key to building successful AI products.
  • What makes a successful AI team.
  • How Babbly uses AI to help parents raise healthier, happier children.


Maryam Nabavi - Co-Founder and CEO, Babbly
Maryam Nabavi is Co-Founder and CEO of Babbly, an award winning AI startup that is changing the way we track early development in infants. Her team recently launched an AI-powered mobile app that analyzes a child’s speech and language development. Maryam has more than 10 years experience in developing innovative products at the cutting edge of technology, including her past role as VP of Product at Idea Couture. She holds a master's in Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial College of London and has a double life as an aspiring citizen astronaut.
Jan Scholz - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Director, Rangle.io
Jan is the Director of AI and ML at Rangle. He has helped multiple organizations develop transformative AI strategies and scale their Machine Learning and Data Science teams. He focuses on enabling organizations to design and deliver custom user-centred machine learning solutions using rapid development practices in the cloud. Before going into the tech industry, Jan obtained a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford, UK and worked in Neuroscience research at SickKids Hospital.
Ryan Marchildon - AI Developer, Rangle.io
Ryan is an Artificial Intelligence Developer at Rangle.io, where he works with a cross-functional team to help clients discover and rapidly implement valuable AI solutions. His expertise includes professional software development, Data Science & Analytics, and Machine Learning. A former startup co-founder and graduate of Toronto’s Creative Destruction Lab, Ryan is passionate about applying technology to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. He holds an MASc degree from the University of Toronto.