Your Angular 7 migration partner

Rangle is a renowned partner for guiding enterprises through a successful Angular migration.
Don’t let an out of date framework impact your bottom line. Angular 7, released in 2018, is the more modern and robust successor to AngularJS. Angular 7 comes upgraded with new tooling that includes a CLI, CDK, and an updated Angular Material component library. All this in addition to reactive programming with RXJS, a component architecture, and more.  
Rangle can help you employ a modern, reusable micro front-end approach to application development. It’s easier than ever to break down a monolithic application to be more Agile and cost-efficient. Through a component architecture, you can now build fast, high-performing applications that are easier to maintain.
The right plan
Whether you’re using component architecture or still relying on $scope, we’ll evaluate the most efficient approach that provides the best return on investment.
Unblock you quickly
We get your code running in Angular 7 as fast as possible so you can still keep shipping features while reducing technical debt.
Built for growth
By leveraging component architecture, modern state management techniques, and up-to-date tooling, you’ll be able to iterate faster with higher quality and performance.
Why do Progressive, JetBlue, ALDO, and Raymond James trust Rangle as their Angular partner?
Rangle has been a champion of building Angular applications since 2013, working with the Angular core team, and migrating large-scale enterprise applications. Why do our clients choose us for their Angular migration?
Unmatched expertise
Working with startups and enterprises, we’ve delivered over 65 Angular applications. Many involved upgrading an application from a legacy system.
Premium Talent
125+ talented Angular experts including members of the Angular core team. Rangle and Google are co-creators of Augury, the debugging tool of Angular.
Proven process
Using lean design principles, we work to reduce risk and continuously deliver working software based on deep feedback and learnings.