Yena Lee, Strategist
Nataliya Ioffe, Developer

Smarter Sales Campaigns with Sanity

Learn how to launch promotional banners and sales content seamlessly across your site without developer bottlenecks. We cover how to audit your sales content workflows to create a headless e-commerce roadmap that works for your brand and walk through examples of how we’ve solved sales campaigns for major e-commerce brands.

Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

A few weeks ago, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend ng-conf 2024, the world’s original Angular conference, where we immersed ourselves in the latest developments and best practices in Angular technology. It was an enlightening experience that not only showcased the evolving landscape of web development but also reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions.

Man holding a pen looking at a tablet with three people behind him looking at design mockups
Mike Costanzo, SVP of Product & Design
Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy

In this article, we share the most common pitfalls we see companies make who are planning or stuck in a failing design system project.

Headless CMS live preview of a retail website
Nataliya Ioffe, Developer

By using a live preview in your headless CMS, content authors can have the best of both worlds: a familiar, visual editing experience combined with improved performance, flexibility, and scalability.


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