Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Losing your head without losing your (SEO) juice

Going headless does not automatically bestow upon your site better SEO and speed. What it does is give you the freedom, flexibility and control to implement the right strategy for your business. We discuss the technical factors to optimize for SEO and performance in your headless application.

battery usage menu on iphone with a red icon highlighting battery is very low
Yena Lee, Strategist

Lowering location accuracy is not the best way to reduce your app's power usage. Use these configurations for iOS background location services and stop draining your users' batteries.

papers wrapped in a ribbon with a bow tie with labels, 'web pack' and 'Statoscope'
Leah Williams, Developer

Optimizing bundle size is critical for high-performance web applications. Learn how to use Webpack Bundle Analyzer and Statoscope to identify and visualize imported modules in your codebase for quicker page load times.

Missing Library Usage Finder plugin for Figma; Find all your missing library usage
Michael Mrowetz, Senior Solution Architect, Head of Experience Architecture

Learn how we manage design debt in our file asset library by detaching components and styles from unwanted libraries in Figma. No more messy libraries. Our new Figma plugin "Missing Library Usage Finder" locates and detaches components, while "Library Style Detail Extractor" identifies styles and components linked to an unwanted library for easy removal. Simplify your design system management with these tools.

Angular logo and web components
David O'Riley, Developer

Dynamic components empower content authors to independently draft, publish, and modify pages without relying on developer assistance and are essential to headless CMS architecture. However, Angular’s hierarchical structure and intricate rendering process pose challenges to building and implementing headless platforms in Angular. In this article, we’ll walk through our approach to dynamically rendering components in Angular, with a working Angular application as an example.

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