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Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Going headless does not automatically bestow upon your site better SEO and speed. What it does is give you the freedom, flexibility and control to implement the right strategy for your business. We discuss the technical factors to optimize for SEO and performance in your headless application.

Headless CMS live preview of a retail website
Nataliya Ioffe, Developer

By using a live preview in your headless CMS, content authors can have the best of both worlds: a familiar, visual editing experience combined with improved performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Nataliya Ioffe, Developer
Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy

Watch our hands-on workshop at React Summit 2023, where we showed how to build a high-performance headless website using Next.js, Sanity, and the JAMstack architecture.