Whether you missed it or were there with us, relive the video highlights from our adventure and hear from some of the speakers themselves.

The conference kicked off with a keynote address that set the tone for the days ahead. The Angular team unveiled the latest features that promise to enhance performance and developer experience. We were particularly excited about deferrable views, the new control flows, and the new Signal-based APIs for components and directives, which we believe will streamline our development process significantly.

Catch the keynote below.

Networking and Collaboration

ng-conf was not just about learning; it was also a fantastic platform for networking with peers, experts, and enthusiasts from around the globe. We exchanged ideas, shared challenges, and discussed potential collaborations that could lead to exciting opportunities in the future. The diversity of thought and experience at the conference was truly inspiring.

We also can’t say no to a wave when given the opportunity!

person running across stage to lead an audience wave

All fun, lots of games

Sharing our journey and the lessons we learned along the way was a rewarding experience that underscored the value of community and knowledge sharing in tech. But we also had a great time hosting the game night and rocking out to karaoke.

Collage of ng-conf moments

Special shout out to Naresh Sadineni for winning the grand prize in our claw machine!

Looking Ahead

Attending ng-conf 2024 was not just an educational journey but also a reaffirmation of our passion for web development. We left the conference with new ideas, tools, and friendships, ready to tackle our projects with renewed vigour and creativity. The future of Angular is bright, and we are excited to be part of this vibrant community.

See you in 2025!