Mike Costanzo - Principal, Digital Strategy

Avoiding the Design System Death Spiral

Whether you're a designer, developer, product manager, or design system enthusiast, thi...


Why You Should Use Tokens & Tokens Studio

You’re using tokens and you don’t even know it. One of the goals of a de...

Missing Library Usage Finder plugin for Figma; Find all your missing library usage
michael mrowetz

The easiest way to clean up Figma Library Dependencies

Learn how we manage design debt in our file asset library by detaching c...


How to Use Figma Variables in Your Design System with Tokens Studio

Variables are an exciting new feature recently announced by Figma at Con...

Design Systems Primer

Get up speed on the things that matter.


Learn the key concepts and lingo with these posts that go a little deeper than just the basics.

Design system iconography

What is a design system?

Defining what a Design System is and what it means for an organization can be tricky. I...


The ROI of Design Systems

The ROI for Design Systems

As digital competition accelerates, the winners are those that deliver scaled experienc...


Man holding a pen looking at a tablet with three people behind him looking at design mockups
Mike Costanzo - Principal, Digital Strategy

Design System Product-Market Fit: Common design systems adoption...

In this article, we share the most common pitfalls we see companies make who are planni...

Design System UI. Illustration.

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Radius Design System Accelerator by Rangle.io on laptop screens

Radius: A quick start tool for your design system

The Radius design system starter kit is a collection of open-source tools and libraries that guide and help you to build your design system faster.

Radius Tracker graph showing design system component adoption