Cindy Diogo, Head of Talent Acquisition

The Future of AI-Powered Healthcare

The "Future of AI-Powered Healthcare" meetup explored how AI is transforming women's health by improving diagnostics, treatment options, and addressing care disparities. Cindy, Garima Gale, Shazia Akbar, and Emma Tolstorf shared insights on advancements in personalized medicine, focusing on fertility, hormonal tracking, and pelvic health, with companies like Future Fertility, Juniper Genomics and Eli Health leading the way. Emphasizing the importance of creating data sets tailored to women's unique physiological needs, the session also highlighted strategies for ensuring equitable access to AI-powered healthcare. This includes leveraging existing hardware like smartphones and partnering with enterprises to provide personalized care solutions that are accessible and practical for all women.

abstract frontend cloud
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Welcome to the realm of frontend cloud. If you're feeling a bit lost, don't worry – you're not alone. In this blog post, we'll demystify the frontend cloud, break down the jargon and explore its benefits to understand why it's crucial for your digital success.

typescript challenge on desktop
Adam Sullovey, Solutions Architect

Dive into the Type Challenges with Rangle Solution Architect, Adam Sullovey to boost your TypeScript skills and master complex types! This series of programming puzzles will expand your knowledge, improve your debugging skills, and increase your confidence in the TypeScript compiler. Follow our suggested approach, leverage helpful tips, and learn from video and written solutions to conquer these challenges and better understand intricate TypeScript code. Read on to get started and unlock the full potential of TypeScript!

abstract image depicting digital transformation
Nick Van Weerdenburg, CEO and Founder

Many companies dream of unifying their disparate products into a single customer-centric platform to achieve happier customers, competitive differentiation, and a larger market share. Rangle has been helping customers achieve this for 10 years. In this blog post, we reflect on our experiences and share our recommendations for a successful digital transformation in under 12 months.

abstract image depicting multi-brand design systems
Sananda Dutta, Senior Product Designer

Interested in learning how to build a multi-brand design system using Figma variables? We suggest two approaches for organizing your design system based on the number of brands and their distinctiveness. Using Figma variables offers several benefits, including centralized asset management, brand customization, and efficient design workflow. However, managing a multi-brand design system also presents challenges such as collaboration, scalability, and governance. Overall, the strategic use of variables can revolutionize how you manage and present your brand identities.

tiered architecture
Brandon Surya, Staff Product Designer

If you’ve wondered how to get more out of your design system, the answer lies in a robust token structure. Uncover the secrets of effective token taxonomy, using a three-tiered architecture: primitive, semantic, and component tokens. As design maturity evolves, so do token structures. Discover the three levels of token models that can transform your design system, and how to tailor your token structure to your organization's needs and maturity.

Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

A few weeks ago, our team had the incredible opportunity to attend ng-conf 2024, the world’s original Angular conference, where we immersed ourselves in the latest developments and best practices in Angular technology. It was an enlightening experience that not only showcased the evolving landscape of web development but also reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions.

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