Losing your head without losing your (SEO) juice

Going headless does not automatically bestow upon your site better SEO and speed. What ...

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Best Headless CMS Platforms

Contentful, Sanity, and Strapi are the headless CMS platforms we recomme...

Headless CMS live preview of a retail website
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Headless CMS essentials: Live Preview, featuring Sanity.io

By using a live preview in your headless CMS, content authors can have t...

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Build a Headless E-commerce Site with Sanity & Shopify

We walk through the steps of using Sanity Connect to sync data between S...

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The value pattern approach for headless CMS migrations

In the first article of our four-part series, The Value Pattern: Migrati...

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Headless CMS explained in thirty seconds

A headless CMS offers more flexibility to integrate with a variety of fr...

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Adrienne Marshall, Director of Business Development at Rangle

The ABCs of DXPs

What is a digital experience platform (DXP)? This overview explores what...

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Headless CMS 101

Classic content management systems (CMSs) allowed authors to show up wi...

Investment metrics across multiple devices.
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Migrating from legacy monolithic systems to composable DXPs

We’re living in a digital-first reality, and more fintech companies are ...

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Low-risk headless CMS migrations: Calibrating your migration to ...

Risk is the word of the moment in the C-suite at most major companies in...