Artificial intelligence is redefining what it means to build software and resetting expectations for user experiences.

Unsure of where to start or how to keep going? We've got you.

Our session covered:

👉 Strategic AI Vision: Understand the strategic importance of AI and its transformative impact on software development and user experience.

👉AI In the Wild: How companies like Intuit and Lonely Planet build industry-leading, AI-powered customer experiences.

👉AI Deployment: Learn strategies for rapid and efficient AI integration and deployment, aligning initiatives with your business objectives.

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A woman holding a smartphone stands beside a shopping bag, with graphics of a 3D wave and a graph below her. An icon with intertwined arrows is present near the wave. The entire image is set against a light blue background.
Yena Lee, Strategist
Abdella Ali, Solutions Architect
Liam Gardner, Marketing Co-op Intern
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

A practical guide to using AI to curate product collections at scale, make product recommendation and search algorithms smarter with semantic awareness, and empower teams to deliver seamless customer experiences.

A laptop with code flowing out, transforming into words 'GPT-4', 'PaLM', and 'Claude', set against a colour backdrop
Yena Lee, Strategist
Liam Gardner, Marketing Co-op Intern
Abdella Ali, Solutions Architect
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Generate nuanced translations for your e-commerce site using AI. Learn how to set up, fine-tune, and integrate AI models seamlessly with your headless CMS for automatic content translation. Uncover practical steps for implementation, from choosing the right language model to architecting efficient translation workflows that align with your budget and goals.

Nancy Du, Associate Director, Digital Strategy
Fidelia Ho, Editorial Content Lead

Going headless does not automatically bestow upon your site better SEO and speed. What it does is give you the freedom, flexibility and control to implement the right strategy for your business. We discuss the technical factors to optimize for SEO and performance in your headless application.

Preview of video recording of webinar, showing Rangle on the first slide
Scott Fuller, Developer

We walk through the steps of using Sanity Connect to sync data between Shopify & Sanity.

Bertrand Karerangabo, Chief Strategy Officer
Robyn Dalgeish, Software Developer

Analog (aka AnalogJS) is a meta framework built on top of Angular that simplifies the implementation of SSG and SSR in Angular applications. In this webinar, we demo an Angular application and walk through how to build the highest-performing Angular application that you possibly can. We address questions about hosting, deployment, use cases for SSG/SSR vs. client-side rendering, and the stability of Analog.

Laptop illuminating a book
Harry Nicholls, Software Developer

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) can be daunting subjects. You might've heard about neural networks, generative adversarial networks (GANs), and recurrent neural networks (RNNs) but have no clue what people are talking about.