Design tokens also make it easier for teams to maintain consistency across different products and channels. When design decisions are codified in a set of design tokens, it becomes much easier for designers and developers to ensure that branding is consistently applied across all touchpoints. This is especially important in today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, where customers expect a seamless brand experience across all channels.

Another advantage of design tokens is that they can be used to create a flexible, scalable system that can be easily updated and maintained as the product or brand evolves. This means that teams can focus on creating new features and improving the user experience.

Are you interested in learning more about design systems and design tokens? Visit our Design Systems hub or reach out to us.

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abstract representation of a design system
Rick Poulin, Director, Digital Architecture & Innovation

A design system is a set of tools, processes, guidelines and philosophies that combine to drive how a team designs a product. The purpose of a design system is to not only systematize product development, but to also establish the processes that teams use to design, develop, test and more. As a tool, it sets the foundation for your digital experiences and products to look and feel consistent to users, increase efficiency and quality for your teams, and protect your brand across all your touchpoints in the market.

design system
Alicia Cheung, Content and Social Media Manager
Rebecca Holland, Director, Content Strategy and Head of Marketing

Nowadays, many companies have a design system, but the issues many organizations currently face include scaling it, getting the right funding, determining who owns the design system, and getting buy-in from internal product teams to use it.

lego blocks
Tom Bals, Managing Director, EMEA

Back in March, our Design to Deliver event at our Amsterdam location, featured Nathan Weyers, COO of Phillips Design, and Kim Marchant, VP of Design Operations at JP Morgan Chase & Co. They spoke on design systems and design leadership, and offered some valuable insights on getting your design system working optimally, leading to better design maturity for your organization.