We use Junior, Intermediate, and Senior in our conversation, but know these seniorities are somewhat arbitrary. During our talk, we discuss that the Junior archetype needs support to complete complex tasks and learn new tools. Intermediate developers are looking to tackle larger problems but don't have the problem-solving experience required to tackle difficult problems without support. Senior developers are the first to reframe a problem and efficiently solve problems and match the problem to its appropriate context. We see Seniors as developers with the most problem-solving experience and not developers with the most knowledge.

We see that the best teams—or at least the teams we want to be on—have a diverse mix of experience. Seniors don't have all the answers, and it can take a Junior speaking out about something they've learned to help the whole team learn how to best solve a problem. Intermediates travel a difficult road but do a lot to help the team learn how to solve complicated problems and where common snags can occur if we're not careful.

We mention a few personal stories and impressions we had during our careers and think you'll find it an interesting listen. We know the audio quality is grainy on this one, but we promise the content is worth a listen. We'll be looking to improve that in future recordings.


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