Deep partnership with Google on Angular, our original JavaScript framework of choice

2016 - 2017
Discovery, component library design, training
Rangle Toronto


  • Google chose Rangle for migration because our events and thought leadership on AngularJS were second-to-none in the industry—and our expertise was unmatched.
  • The project started as a simple migration and evolved into a complete site redesign to support users.
  • Google and Rangle’s relationship continues. We continue to collaborate on multiple Angular projects and support the community by hosting meetups and training.

The challenge

Google wanted to expand its seamless user experience from to its various microsites. To do so, the sites had to be migrated from Angular 2 to Angular 4. What they didn’t anticipate was that would need a redesign as well, in order to effectively transition the content and experience. The Rangle team was able to deliver both the migration and the redesign, and later, the design and implementation of the documentation sites for Angular Material, CLI, Protractor, Mobile, and Universal.
Angular is a TypeScript-based, open-source front-end web application platform led by the Angular Team at Google, and maintained by a community of individuals and corporations.

The process

Our team worked on-site with Google to discuss challenges and collaborate on goals. We produced product research, competitive analysis, UX & UI, rebranding with custom SVG illustrations, and development for and their microsites. The work included a developer component library and a documentation site for various Angular platforms. As part of the component library and documentation, the Rangle team trained the Google Documentation team on how to create consistent branding for information architecture diagrams, imagery, and live code examples.
I looked for partners who really understood what Angular is all about and our cultural aspect, and where we were going. I spoke to the Rangle team and felt that they were one of us.
Brad Green
Engineering Director (Angular Core Team), Google

The outcome is still evolving, and we are core contributors to the site and the community, hosting regular meetups for Angular developers at our Toronto office. We continue to support the development and implementation of new features on Google products, including improving Angular CLI (helping developers quickly ramp up Angular projects) and Protractor (an E2E testing tool).
Rangle and the Angular core team have an exciting partnership. We worked with top technologies and creative processes to build out the Angular ecosystem. We built out a Component Library that was seamless between all microsites, validated, and consumable by end users.
Varun Vachar
Director of Technology Strategy, UI Architecture at Rangle

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