The proof-of-concept demo in action, showing speech classification on audio clips never previously seen by the algorithm. The demo was used by Babbly to support investor pitches and demonstrate the viability of their product.

Lean AI

Using a lean approach, we were able to deliver a working algorithm, together with a browser-based UI for a demo, in just a few weeks. The team synthesized a training dataset to reduce data labelling time, a potentially time-consuming process.

As part of our values and our commitment to Babbly, our team also provided a seamless handoff with code assets for easy updating and retraining of the AI model. This allowed the Babbly team to make improvements and iterate on their initial concept. Learning from the groundwork of our expert AI team, Babbly’s developers have a framework for processes and delivery that keeps them focused on outcomes.

Working with Rangle helped us avoid a lot of the early mistakes we could have made and put us on a fast track towards launching our product.

Maryam Nabavi, CEO & Founder of Babbly

The outcome

Babbly built their AI-powered speech recognition and learning app. Our support helped Babbly accelerate the growth of their internal machine learning practice, and do additional model development independently. With our partnership, Babbly’s team has developed the necessary skills to grow and expand their work and their app.

ElevateR pitch competition stage at Elevate Toronto

Maryam Nabavi accepts the people’s choice award for best pitch at the ElevateR Pitch competition at Elevate Toronto.

With the demo, Babbly: