Data, Data and more Data (Yep, we’re talking about Machine Learning)

A critical factor in creating digital experiences and future-proofing your organization is your data, and being able to use it to optimize your customers’ experience. As we wrote recently, this will involve making use of machine learning, creating algorithms that can analyze, and act upon the big data you’ve collected from millions of transactions. This use of Artificial Intelligence will enable your organization to discover patterns in your visitors’ behavior that you can then address by tailoring their experience to show exactly what they want. Naturally this leads to more sales, a decrease in cart abandonment rates and more overall satisfaction. Other efficient applications of machine learning include segmentation and targeting, security and pricing optimization.

You Need to Act Quicker (Get Agile)

Collecting all that data and drawing insights using machine learning won’t make a difference if you can’t take what you’ve learned and quickly make changes to your online store on all channels. For that reason, Agile methodologies for web and mobile apps have never made more sense for retailers today. With so little time to research, plan, design and build different components--and with a customer base that increasingly expects bespoke experiences delivered at light speed--your platform and team need to be equipped to produce quick deliveries, feedback loops, and fast time to market.

Agile methodologies are specifically designed to generate real business value by implementing continuous delivery, which allows teams to increase feedback and remove roadblocks without sacrificing velocity. As mentioned above, Angular enables teams to create scalable omnichannel experiences so here’s another talk by Nick that shows you how to make Agile work for Angular.

Of course there are other trends that will affect your eCommerce performance, including interactive content, email campaigns and the possible emergence of new social media. Yet by creating better omnichannel experiences, collecting and acting on data, and staying nimble by embracing Agile methodologies you can proactively lead the way and equip your organization to succeed in the digital era.

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