More Conference Highlights

The excitement extended far past GraphQL and ReactNative as well. With Relay and Redux the React ecosystem is clearly rapidly evolving, as all frameworks tend to learn, share, steal, and develop together.

Andrew D’Amelio, a JavaScript developer from who attended React Rally on August 24-25, 2015, said, “The React space is growing really fast and a lot of people are getting involved, making it an exciting time for us to be involved.” His favourite talk demonstrated a GraphQL tool, using the StarWars API (see here: “The talk highlighted the paradigm shift that GraphQL enables for front-end web development, especially when building apps around an API,” he said. “Dave Smith also gave a really funny talk entitled 'How React Literally Waters My Lawn'. This talk was just pure enjoyment, and a nice change from the more 'serious' talks,” he said. Overall, the speaker lineup was excellent, and the attendees came from all over the world, and a variety of industries.

Nick van Weerdenburg,’s CEO was able to interview nearly all 20 speakers at the 2-day conference, and along with the organizers will be releasing the informative video interviews on YouTube. You can follow @Rangleio on Twitter, to get the latest links. In the meantime, we’ve included a couple more of the interviews below.

More Video Interviews from React Rally

Lee Byron from Facebook

Lee Byron discusses the philosophy of GraphQL, including how it lends to thinking of the data layer in terms of components nested within other components in the data layer, and how that aligns well with React.

Christopher Chedeau from Facebook

Christopher Chedeau talks about how animation and gestures are core components of mobile applications and the current state of React animations.

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