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If you are building any kind web or cross-platform mobile application for today's markets, most of your application is now written in JavaScript rather than server-side technologies like PHP and Ruby. More and more companies are realizing they need a framework to tame the complexity of their client-side code, and the emerging dominant framework for web and mobile JavaScript development is AngularJS.

AngularJS is not only a major framework, however, but also a significantly different way of building applications. Once you master it, your productivity will be massively increased, and your code will be a modular, flexible foundation for supporting your future growth. But how do you get there? is a full-stack JavaScript consultancy located in the heart of downtown Toronto at King and Yonge. We help companies deliver their MVP (minimally viable product) in 4-6 weeks while training their team on the use of AngularJS, PhoneGap, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis and RESTful APIs. We also run the Toronto AngularJS and PhoneGap meetups, and the Toronto CTO LinkedIn group.

HAT Stack - HTML5, AngularJS, and thin-servers


The Browser has Become the Operating System
Rapid application development of complex web apps using JSON databases or APIs
With the application on the browser and web-friendly JSON databases, only a small API server remains

HTML5, AngularJS, and thin-servers (e.g. Node.js, REST APIs and JSON databases like MongoDB) are changing the face of web development. Radically faster development time, support for larger, more complex apps, and greatly improved user experiences make the HAT stack a critical component of your next web project.


Accelerate Your Team and Your Project with AngularJS Training is all about JavaScript and helping our clients adopt JavaScript in their client, server, and database. In addition to writing code and providing project and API review services, we offer accelerated AngularJS training for professional developers who have existing knowledge of JavaScript.

We regularly present open enrolment courses, as well as providing custom in-house courses on demand.

Upcoming Courses

Our next open-enrolment course will be Feb. 19 and Feb. 20 in Toronto.

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Events & Talks

Upcoming Talks and Events

ng-conf 2014 - The World's First Angular Conference
When: Jan. 16-17, 2014
Where: Salt Lake City, Utah
We are proud to announce that we were a gold sponsor of ng-conf, the first angular conference. The conference focus was on the highest quality training in the Angular JavaScript framework. ng-conf was streamed live from ng-conf website, Check out the videos!

Building a Startup Stack with AngularJS (2 days class in Toronto)
When: Wed. Feb. 19 - Thurs. Feb. 20, 2014
Where: Office
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Toronto CTO 1-Day Conference: Stackfest 2014
When: Feb. 2014
Where: TBD
LinkedIn Group

AngularJS Fundamentals for Rapid HTML5 Application Development
When: Friday Oct. 25, 2013
Where: Watch Replay

Past Events

  • Spotlight: Advanced JS by FITC - Dec. 07, 2013
    Continuous Deployment Workflows for Non-Trivial Full-Stack JavaScript Applications
  • Toronto AngularJS Meetup - Wed. Oct. 30, 2013
    AngularJS and Data - MongoDB, Redis, REST, and APIs Toronto AngularJS Meetup
  • Toronto PhoneGap Meetup - Wed. Oct. 16, 2013
    Using AngularJS + PhoneGap to Rapidly Create Cross-Platform, Responsive Web Apps Presentation File
  • Toronto MongoDB Meetup - Wed. Oct. 9, 2013
    Building Reporting Services Using REST and Node for Web Applications Using MongoDB
  • Toronto AngularJS Meetup - Wed. Sept. 25, 2013
    Building a Complete Startup Stack with AngularJS Replay
  • Toronto AngularJS Meetup - Tues. July 30, 2013
    Toronto AngularJS Summer Social
  • Toronto AngularJS Meetup - Wed. June 19, 2013
    The Inaugural and Awesome AngularJS Toronto Meetup Replay


Angularjs Toronto meetup

AngularJS Toronto Meetup

The third AngularJS Toronto Meetup was held on Wed. Sept. 25th at 7pm. Click to replay.

PhoneGap Toronto meetup

PhoneGap Toronto Meetup

Join us Wed. Nov. 27th at 7pm for an App Showcase. Click to RSVP.

Toronto CTO LinkedIn Group

Toronto CTO (LinkedIn)

Toronto CTO is a new LinkedIn group for technical leaders in Toronto to share ideas and practices with other technical leaders. There will also be a Toronto CTO conference in late November. Click to join.



Nick Van Weerdenburg

Nick Van Weerdenburg

Nick is the founder of and leads's business development, consulting, and enterprise architecture activities. He's a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack, and actively evangelizes for it across the Toronto tech community.

Yuri Takhteyev

Yuri Takhteyev

Yuri is an expert in modern JavaScript application programming and architecture, as well as global software development culture. He has a M.S. from Stanford, a PhD from Berkley, and when not improving society through educational and government computing initiatives, he helps with challenges requiring extreme elegance and sophisticated algorithms.

Bertrand Karerangabo

Bertrand Karerangabo

Bertrand is a JavaScript, PhoneGap and Clojure uber-guru and writes an internal blog on the corporate whiteboard called "JS Malarkey" to emphasize best practices. He also manages's DevOps, including our Git, Jenkins and continuous deployment workflows.

Abdella Ali

Abdella Ali

Abdella is a front-end developer with a passion for all things JavaScript. He is's D3 graphing ninja, combining D3 and AngularJS to create wondrous representations of our client's data.

Xiyang Chen

Xiyang Chen

Xiyang moved to Toronto after a couple of years working for startups in the United States. A week after arriving he ended up at, where he has made himself an essential contributor to the many startup clients serves. He is a JavaScript fanatic with a passion for testing, scalability, and long-term code maintainability.

Varun Vachhar

Varun Vachhar

Varun is a design leader and front-end developer at, creating amazing user experiences for mobile and web applications. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Alberta and Interactive/Media/Design at the Dutch Royal Academy of Art. As a result of his diverse background and experience, he specializes in bridging the gap between design and development.

Simon Ramsay

Simon Ramsay

Simon is a fullstack JavaScript developer from the University of Waterloo who brings a relentless focus to his code. He brings a diverse wealth of experience to in mobile and web development. Simon is also a history buff and studies Muay Thai in his spare time.

Terrence Watson

Terrence Watson

Terrence is an expert in Kantian philosophy and the modern inverted web stack - AngularJS, Node and MongoDB. When not protecting democracy with web applications, Terrence works with crafting elegant modern web applications for startups and companies migrating to the new stack.



When not attending birthday parties, Ngie is responsible for all of's IE 6 and IE 7 CSS development and compatibility testing.

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