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The Browser has Become the Operating System


Rapid application development of complex web apps using JSON databases or APIs


With the application on the browser and web-friendly JSON databases, only a small API server remains

The Web Inverted

The web is shifting to client-centric HTML5 applications connected to thin servers.
rangle.io will help you make the transition.

OmniChannel Applications

HTML5 makes it possible to target all devices and platforms with one codebase and team instead of four or five. Get to market in 25% of the time, and respond to market demands in hours instead of months.

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One Focus + Leading Technologies + Best Practices

One Focus: We only build HTML5 applications with JavaScript.

Leading Technologies: AngularJS, PhoneGap, Bootstrap 3, Node, Express, Meteor, MongoDB

Best Practices: Agile development with top talent, testing, weekly iterations, and continuous deployment.

rangle.io is a full-stack JavaScript consultancy.

We specialize in HTML5 web and mobile applications, REST APIs and the servers they talk to.


HTML5 Applications

HTML5 Mobile

Omni Channel Applications

Full Stack Javascript


Lean, agile development

If you are building any kind of web or cross-platform mobile application for today's markets, most of your application is now written in JavaScript rather than server-side technologies like PHP and Ruby. More and more companies are realizing they need a framework to tame the complexity of their client-side code, and the emerging dominant framework for web and mobile JavaScript development is AngularJS.

AngularJS is not only a major framework, but also a significantly different way of building applications. Once you master it your productivity will be massively increased and your code will be a modular, flexible foundation that will support your future growth. But how do you get there?

rangle.io is a full-stack JavaScript consultancy located in the heart of downtown Toronto at King and Yonge. We help companies deliver their MVP (minimally viable product) in 4-6 weeks while training their team on the use of AngularJS, PhoneGap, Node.js, MongoDB, Redis and RESTful APIs. We also run the Toronto AngularJS and PhoneGap meetups, and the Toronto CTO LinkedIn group.


Angularjs Toronto meetup

AngularJS Toronto Meetup

The next #AngularJSTO Meetup is on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 at Mozilla. Click here for details. If you’d like to present your work, sign up to be a speaker, here.

PhoneGap Toronto meetup

PhoneGap Toronto Meetup

Join our #PhoneGapTO meetup group here.

Toronto CTO LinkedIn Group

Toronto CTO (LinkedIn)

Toronto CTO is a new LinkedIn group for technical leaders in Toronto to share ideas and practices with other technical leaders. There will also be a Toronto CTO conference in mid October. Click to join.

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