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Technical Director, Digital Innovation

Who are we? We’re Rangle.

An independent, Canadian-based digital consultancy with offices in Toronto and Amsterdam. Our team of 150+ Ranglers are obsessed with making things that matter. We build modern digital products, platforms, and practices that put the customer at the center of your strategy.

Whether you’re a start-up, a scale-up, or a complex enterprise, we can elevate your customer experience to help you win in the digital age.

Does creating your customer experience save you money?

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Hedgehogging & Outfoxing: The Psychology of Leveraging Uncertainty

Any early stage scale-up is based on uncertainty—yours, your potential clients', and the surrounding market you are participating in. Startup or scale-up, your approach to uncertainty will make or break your success.

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The four non-negotiable attributes of digital experience platform success

As customer-centric operating models flourish in this hyper-competitive digital economy, it’s important for executives and team leaders to ask themselves a simple question: What are the attributes of an effective digital experience platform?

Crafting high-performing teams: How we partner with client teams to drive digital outcomes

When I think back on the client engagements I’ve worked on at Rangle, each one of them had at their core a high-functioning blended team of Ranglers and client-side practitioners that came together to achieve remarkable outcomes on very short timelines...

The role of purpose in digital (Hint: It's everything)

The top three questions executives ask themselves about digital

The inside-out approach to digital transformation: Shift culture by starting with your own shared services groups

Create a customer-focused culture with the 5A’s

Measuring team health and engagement