Virtual meetup:

Looking into the future of Design and DesignOps

Our latest online meetup for DesignOps Amsterdam welcomed two guests: Jamie Young of Microsoft and Siraaj Petersen from Jamie and Siraaj had a lot to say on how the AI future will impact designers and DesignOps functions within digital.
Jamie Young is the Principal Group Design Manager at Microsoft. His talk, How Design Operations helped us change our perception of the designer's role in building Developer Tools at Microsoft explored how a mindset shift from just building toolkits and plugins, to understanding that their whole Design team needed to be involved in the process, changed how they viewed the role of design in building products.
Siraaj Petersen is the Digital Design Lead at He asked: How might robots, AI, and automation affect creation, operations, and production in the long run? With self-driving cars, chatbots, and delivery drones becoming commonplace, the designer of the future must examine their role, and the impacts of automated design on the industry and end users.

Event highlights

Improving the design-to-development hand-off process

How AI can enhance the core team relationship of the future

The AI future is closer than you think

How AI can strengthen creative and product testing

The value of an outside perspective on your design system

Defining the boundaries of DesignOps

Watch full video from the event

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