Ranglers share their expertise in Front End & uniting DevOps and DesignOps

Check out the presentation records from the TNW Sprint Couch Conference.

The Future of Front End

Brendon Montgomery, VP EMEA; Varun Vachhar, Director of UI Architecture and Andrew Smith, Director of Digital Innovation on:
  • The impact WebAssembly, WebXR & WebGPU have on product strategy
  • Which tools and techniques are essential for taking advantage of innovations within the industry
  • The new wave of tooling updates that allow for new ways of organizing products

Dev-IneOps: Bringing development and design together

Trish Lamanna, Lead Visual Designer; Omer Wazir, Solutions Architect and Tom Bals, Managing Director on:
  • Practical first steps to implement this new Ops practice
  • How to operationalize the "Communicate, Collaborate, and Co-create" concepts
  • How to align stakeholders and leadership to implement the pratice

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