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Building Incredible Products. It’s Who We Are.

Within 3 years Rangle has built a leading product and design firm specialized in using JavaScript to create mobile and web applications. Our team of 200+ team members in Toronto include some of the most talented AngularJS and React developers in the world. Coupled together with Lean UX product design, solutions consulting, continuous delivery and Agile best practices, Rangle’s team of experts ensures clients are successfully creating and deploying new technologies to lead their industries.

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Management Team

Nick van Weerdenburg's photo Nick van Weerdenburg's photo

Nick Van Weerdenburg


Nick is Rangle.io’s founder, first developer, and now leads the company’s business development and strategy activities. Nick first did server-side JavaScript in 1997 and has 15 years of experience in web software in diverse roles and industries. He is a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack and an active speaker, delivering about a dozen talks each year. To hear more from Nick, follow him on Twitter at @n1cholasv.

Yuri Takhteyev's photo Yuri Takhteyev's photo

Yuri Takhteyev


Yuri is Rangle.io’s second developer, a former faculty member at the University of Toronto, and a published author. He is an expert in front-end and test-driven development, server-side development, UX and design. Yuri holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Information Management and Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. To hear more from Yuri, follow him on Twitter at @qaramazov.

Young Kim's photo Young Kim's photo

Young Kim


As a seasoned financial veteran with over 20 years of experience in senior management roles, Young manages finance and accounting at Rangle. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he received his Chartered Accountant designation in 1993 and is an active member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Camas Winsor's photo Camas Winsor's photo

Camas Winsor


With 15+ years’ experience in client development, Camas has created unmatched company success through building strong client relationships and retention initiatives. With her deep understanding of customer needs, she has helped multiple fast-growth tech companies to reach their full potential. At Rangle, Camas serves as a key strategic liaison between the company and its valued partners, while continuously delivering full client satisfaction and implementing new processes that drive the company forward.

Angela Hountalas' photo Angela Hountalas' photo

Angela Hountalas

VP, People

Angela is Rangle’s VP, People. She is a seasoned human resource executive with a broad business perspective and a strategic mindset. She leads change, develops Agile leadership teams and strong cultures to achieve profitable growth and transformation objectives. She has spent the majority of her career in global professional services organizations such as EDS, Cap Gemini, Ernst and Young and most recently CGI.

Directors of Architecture & Innovation

Doug Riches photo Doug Riches photo

Doug Riches

VP, Architecture & Innovation
Tim Ludikar's photo Tim Ludikar's photo

Tim Ludikar

Director of Architecture & Innovation
Ditmar Haist's photo Ditmar Haist's photo

Ditmar Haist

Director of Architecture & Innovation
Brendan Neufeld's photo Brendan Neufeld's photo

Brendan Neufeld

Technology Solutions Specialist

Client Partners

Ashleigh Gray's photo Ashleigh Gray's photo

Ashleigh Gray

Director, Client Partner
Gina Lijoi's photo Gina Lijoi's photo

Gina Lijoi

Director, Client Partner
Lydia Powell's photo Lydia Powell's photo

Lydia Powell

Director, Client Partner
Steven Chabot's photo Steven Chabot's photo

Steven Chabot

Client Partner

Delivery Directors

Dale Simpson's photo Dale Simpson's photo

Dale Simpson

Group Director of
Software Delivery
Alamelu Radhakrishnan's photo Alamelu Radhakrishnan's photo

Alamelu Radhakrishnan

Delivery Director
Kevin Gibson's photo kevin-gibson's photo

Kevin Gibson

Delivery Director
Rehana Rajwani's photo Rehana Rajwani's photo

Rehana Rajwani

Delivery Director
Sheldon Foster's photo Sheldon Foster's photo

Sheldon Foster

Delivery Director

Business Development

Graydon Gough's photo Graydon Gough's photo

Graydon Gough

Regional Director
Eastern USA
Alexey Smahtin's photo Alexey Smahtin's photo

Alexey Smahtin

Director of
Enterprise Sales
Brendon Montgomery's photo Brendon Montgomery's photo

Brendon Montgomery

Sector Lead - Financial Services
Mark Kates' photo Mark Kates' photo

Mark Kates

Business Development Manager