Angular 2 Open Training

In-depth and hands-on Angular 2 training, delivered by our experts.

Master the art of writing your applications today in Angular 2

Take our 2-day power course designed specifically for JavaScript and Angular 1.X developers to get up-to-speed on Angular 2. You’ll learn rapidly with our JavaScript experts who facilitate hands-on lessons about key Angular 2 concepts.

Course Details

Standard Rates
Single: $1595.00 CAD
Team Tickets*: $3600.00 CAD for 3 developers

This course is ideal for:
  • Angular 1 and other JavaScript developers who need to get up to speed on Angular 2 in two days.
What you'll learn:
  1. Angular 2's component model and how to think differently about your application architecture
  2. New template syntax and how it makes it easier to understand and think about your application
  3. TypeScript and decorators
  4. The benefits of ES6 for Angular
  5. Routing
  6. Angular 2 form builder and validations
  7. Dependency injection
  8. Testing
  9. Observables (RxJS)
Our approach:

We stress modularity, test-driven development, strategies for reliable handling of asynchronous data flows, and appreciation for functional programming. This course builds on our earlier “Angular Accelerated” course, which we have offered numerous times and have been continuously improving over two years, incorporating lessons learned from our experience, as well as emerging community best practices.


Students should have the following tools installed: Git, Node.js, a code editor such as Sublime Text, and Google Chrome.

*Team tickets apply for 3 or more developers interested in enrolling. Each additional developer after 3 is pro-rated at the team ticket price ($1200.00). Simply email with company info and names of participating developers to receive your exclusive promo code.

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Custom Training

Custom versions of this course are also available to teams. If you have any questions, please email or call 1-844-GO-RANGLE (1-844-467-2645).

See Angular 2 Training options for more details on custom, online and integrated team training.