Why React is Game-Changing for Customer Experiences

As customers continue to explore new ways to connect with their favourite brands, retailers need to continuously and aggressively build out their web and mobile presence. But software development across multiple platforms is not cost-effective, practical or scalable.

Created by Facebook, ReactJS is changing the omnichannel game. React combines the language of the web and the power of native applications to create powerful, consistent customer experiences across all channels.

This webinar highlights the key business benefits of using React to build omnichannel solutions:

  • How to reuse 50-60% of your web code to build powerful native applications
  • How to build a consistent customer experience across all channels
  • How component based design and development leads to better business decisions

Speaker's Bio

Doug Riches

A valued leader within Rangle.io, Doug has worked as a creative technology leader in the web and software industry since early 2003. With expertise in many areas, he is often sought out by fellow colleagues for his know-how. He specializes in JavaScript, Objective-C, and Swift, as well as user experience design best practices. 
Doug has worked with many of Rangle.io's clients to solve complex business problems with web based software. Doug’s education is in Computer Science as a Programmer Analyst - Internet and Software Development Architect, with a speciality in mobile development technologies like JavaScript.

Nick Van Weerdenburg

Nick is Rangle.io’s founder, first developer, and now leads the company’s business development and strategy activities. Nick first did server-side JavaScript in 1997 and has 15 years of experience in web software in diverse roles and industries. He is a firm believer in the thin-server, full-JavaScript stack and an active speaker, delivering about a dozen talks each year. To hear more from Nick, follow him on Twitter at @n1cholasv.