Small computers, big performance: Optimize your Angular

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Upon releasing an Angular application, some users start to complain about the application being too slow. When testing the app on your own laptop or smartphone, it works fast, the way you expect it to. So why does this expectation go unfulfilled for users?

It’s important to remember that users may not have the same high-end devices or access to powerful internet connection that developers use. This presentation explores 6 different optimization techniques to create high performant applications to provide a great user experience, universally.

This presentation was a part of the AngularTO meet up at in January 2017.

Speaker's Bio

David Barreto

David is the PO of training at Rangle and has dedicated the last year almost exclusively to learn the "new" incarnation of Angular. When he's not reading Angular docs you might find him drinking beers and playing the guitar with his other dev/rocker friends.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a Developer at Rangle. He initially learned Angular 2 by writing a full training course during the RC days and has been learning ever since. He enjoys creating things at the intersection of creativity and technology and was a professional Lighting Designer for theater in a past life.