Intro To React Native

Talk by Varun Vachhar, Designer & Developer at

React Native introduces a new way to write native mobile apps. You can take everything that you know and love about React and apply it to native apps. Unlike hybrid apps, it gives you access to both native APIs and UI components. The application logic uses JavaScript whereas, the UI is fully native! It also brings the best of the web to native, things like – flexbox layout model, XMLHttpRequest, requestAnimationFrame, etc.

You can view the slides from his talk here.

Topics Covered:

  • What is React Native
  • How it is an extension of hybrid
  • How to use polyfills to leverage the best of the web while getting native performance
  • How to debug React Native apps
  • How to use Flexbox and CSS for styling a React Native app


Varun Vachhar

Varun is a developer with a strong focus on design, interactivity and animation. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada and works as a JavaScript developer at In his spare time, he likes to experiment with creative coding and make playful experiences for the web.