Exploring React Tools and Practices, Plus Automatic UI Elements

When constantly working on new client projects, a developed set of tools and practices helps keep work moving along smoothly. In this talk, Seth Davenport shares these codified tools from Rangle's seed repositories, and explains valuable tooling and architectural choices. Rangle developer Abdella Ali explores implementation strategies for Redux, with a focus on React Native.

This event was a part of DevMonth, a free month long community celebration of all things development. DevMonth includes a series of daily events, speakers, workshops, and hackathons.

Speaker's Bio

Seth Davenport

Seth has been a professional software developer since 2004 and is currently a technical lead in Software Development at Rangle.io. A strong proponent of ReactJS within the company, he has been involved in a number of client projects using the framework and is always on the lookout for new ways to use it.

Abdella Ali

Abdella is a front end Javascript developer who has extensive experience with javascript frameworks and libraries. From his early days using jQuery and Backbone, to Angular and ionic, he has now experimented with all the major component based JS libraries and frameworks including Angular2, React, Polymer - and even more JS libraries than he can count. You can hear more from Abdella on Twitter @ngmachina.