Building Angular 2 Applications with Redux

Redux is a library that helps manage the state of your application using a flux-inspired unidirectional data flow. In this talk, Evan Schultz provides a brief overview of the core concepts of Redux, and the benefits of a global immutable application state. Evan also explores some of the best practices, and common pitfalls of using Redux with Angular 2.

Using ng2-redux to provide Angular 2 bindings, you can access Angular 2 services in your actions and middleware, use Observables and RxJs with Redux, and TypeScript for creating typed actions and reducers.

This talk was a part of Angular Camp 2016 in Barcelona.

Speaker's Bio

Evan Schultz

Evan is a passionate software developer with nearly 10 years experience developing a variety of responsive web and mobile applications. As a seasoned JavaScript architect he adapts to new technologies and has contributed to many team-based projects, whilst mentoring other developers on AngularJS and JavaScript. One of the most rewarding projects Evan recently completed was an HTML5 administration and reporting application built with AngularJS for a client’s network security product that was launched globally. Evan leads and contributes to the’s development guidelines, code reviews and AngularJS training course curriculum. He educates peers and clients and writes about development best practices for’s blog. Check out his LinkedIn and Github.