A Session on 'The Butterly Effect'

This session focuses on maximizing the effects of your Agile coaching interactions. Speaker Damon Poole breaks down the idea of turning the process of introducing change upside down: moving from introducing change to enabling change and using a small amount of effort to effect a large change. Damon explains the “Butterfly Effect” and how it is based on using tools that are most likely to succeed.

This talk was a part of the July 2016 AgileTO meetup, hosted by Rangle's scrum master Gillian Lee.

Speaker's Bio

Gillian Lee

Gillian is a an Agile enthusiast with a passion for teamwork. She has worked with scrum teams developing software for retail, currency exchange and earth sciences. Gillian now works at Rangle.io as a scrum master. She is an ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Coaching with a background in engineering from MIT.

Damon Poole

Damon Poole is serving as Consulting Agilist at the Eliassen Group. He is an entrepreneur and software industry veteran that deeply understands how to create an environment of technology and market innovation that leads to business success. Damon is a leader that believes in the incredible power of cross-functional, empowered, and focused teams.