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It was great seeing you in Salt Lake City for ng-conf 2022. We can't wait for next year!


State of Dev Ops

We sat down with The Angular Plus Show to discuss the “State of Dev Ops”.  Tune in to hear Willian Correra, our VP of Technology, share his experience and insight into software delivery performance.


Our friendly faces

Sumit Arora

Senior Solutions Architect

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Sean May

Technical Director

Moxie Garrett

Principal, Digital Strategy

Adrienne Marshall

Director, Business Development

Who are we? We’re Rangle.

An independent, Canadian-based digital consultancy with offices in Toronto and Amsterdam. Our team of 150+ Ranglers are obsessed with making things that matter. We build modern digital products, platforms, and practices that put the customer at the center of your strategy.

Whether you’re a start-up, a scale-up, or a complex enterprise, we can elevate your customer experience to help you win in the digital age.


Rangle was founded in 2013 as the world’s first modern JavaScript consultancy. Our focus and experience with AngularJS, React and Angular make us the best in the world at building and modernizing AngularJS and Angular applications. We play a major role in the global JavaScript community and have partnered with the Google Angular Core Team and actively contribute to the framework.

  • Built Augury and Angular DevTools, the official Angular debugging tools

  • Created the official Angular redux bindings

  • Created the first working Angular Server-Side Rendering and consulted on Angular Universal

  • Helped with core Angular such as Angular CLI and Protractor

  • Managed teams responsible for the maintenance of AngularJS

  • Authored and published the Angular Training Guide 


Some of our clients



We wrote the book on Angular. 

More than a how-to guide, our playbook for enterprise Angular developers ensure their company's development practices, DevOps, and technology strategy are setting them up for success.

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I looked for partners who really understood what Angular is all about and our cultural aspect, and where we were going. I spoke to the Rangle team and felt that they were one of us.

Brad Green, Engineering Director | Angular Core Team, Google

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