Healthcare Hub

Global healthcare spending is projected to reach $10 trillion this year. The emergence of new technologies, data volume, and non-traditional competitors are impacting the healthcare ecosystem.
There’s an urgency across the industry to transform business models to remain relevant and financially viable in the long term.
Artificial Intelligence delivering more efficient, patient-focused experiences
Modernizing organizations to provide access to high-quality healthcare

With pressure to deliver while providing outstanding patient experiences, healthcare organizations face digital challenges such as:

  • Increasing user adoption
  • Providing a great experience while accounting for security and compliance
  • Making a holistic effort towards a large set of disparate products

How Rangle partners with healthcare organizations:

We help you to transform healthcare by developing digital healthcare solutions that truly matter.
Digitalization is a catalyst for reducing costs, creating better outcomes and increasing patient experience. Our highly skilled teams help you to deliver effective solutions to complex challenges affecting your business, while respecting the unique quality and regulatory needs in healthcare.
Empowered patients expect personalized, convenient digital experiences. Our teams helps you to humanize healthcare innovation while delivering value in a matter of weeks.

Case studies

Rangle partnered with Synaptive to develop neurosurgical medical device software in just 24 weeks
From idea to proof of concept in just a weeks, enabling parents to improve learning outcomes for their kids