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Through our partnerships with the world’s leading financial institutions, we understand what it takes to succeed in your competitive, heavily regulated industry. Our financial services customers include disruptive startups, established enterprises, and SMEs alike.

Experience Our React Native Banking App
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Experience Our React Native Banking App

Test drive our exclusive mobile banking app built using the modern JavaScript framework React Native. Learn how our JavaScript mobile banking app delivers truly native functionality, speed, and omni-channel customer experiences for a lower total cost of ownership than iOS, Android and Web.

Driving Product Innovation to Achieve Business Goals

We understand the need to differentiate and innovate in the market. We work with financial services companies to:

  • Build integrated and compelling applications on slow legacy systems
  • Deliver unique digital experiences to maintain loyalty
  • Differentiate in a saturated market
Success Story

Tech Stack Migration and Application Development

Our client, a $5B Fortune 500 financial services company, is one of North America’s leading full-service investment dealers.

Rangle helped the client transition to the Angular 2 framework and respond to emerging product needs by scaling quickly. We also worked with them to shift to a more effective DevOps process by sharing best practices with their development team.

Success Story

Application Development & Build-Measure-Learn Cycle Implementation

Our client, an insurance company with over $140B in assets, chose to work with Rangle because of our expertise in modern JavaScript, UX, and Agile development. They engaged us to build a responsive, fully integrated Angular 2 business-to-consumer application, and to enable their team to learn Agile development methodologies.

Success Story

Enabling Insurance to Be More Customer-Centric

As part of an ongoing initiative to improve customer experience on the their digital properties, our client, one of the largest car insurance providers in the United States with over $20B in revenue, was looking to embark on a major rewrite.

Rangle is enabling the client’s development team to learn Angular 2 best practices by setting up a scalable architecture, and improving upon their development process. Our integrated team is helping them become more efficient by breaking work into smaller, testable chunks, building the most valuable features first, and releasing to production frequently.