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Digital transformation as onboarding

A successful digital transformation requires the perfect orchestration of platform, process and people. While it’s currently trendy to think “people-first” in digital transformation, the reality is that if people aren’t enabled with great platforms and effective workflows, their work will be frustrating and their output will be slow.  

By looking at transformation as onboarding, you bypass the complexity of most organizations that makes it hard to define, budget, coordinate, and execute the transformation. These are the key tools that will enable organizational change. Each piece — platform, process and people – is as important as the next.

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Start by committing to a customer-centric experience strategy based on iterating with the customer:  

Platform: Build and assemble a digital experience platform  
Process: Define its operating measures, enabling workflows and governance  
People: Onboard, train, and coach your people to success  

Based on feedback, you can then expand the platform and repeat the process all over again.
You need to transform at the speed of the market. Which means your teams need the best available platforms and processes to keep pace. Working with Rangle, your product and go-to-market teams can build a technology platform that enables great customer experiences, bringing together design systems, headless CMS platforms, CI/CD pipelines & DevOps, and data & analytics to inform your decision making.

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