Rangle x The Digital Transformation Conference  
New York

May 19, 2022

Small transformations with big impacts: Adapting to changing business landscapes

2:00-2:45 pm, etc.venues | 601 Lexington Avenue
Inflection points in the market — those moments when a paradigm shift creates new business landscapes — have the power to fundamentally disrupt existing businesses, and allow new ones to emerge. The pandemic was one such shift, and many companies had to act quickly to respond to the changes it created. Now that the dust has settled, successful leaders can identify the actions they took to keep their business afloat.  

In this panel discussion, we’ll discover how placing small bets on long term transformations can keep businesses poised to respond to changes in the market, and hear from business leaders about their evolvable approach to transformation. There’s no longer time to stop and transform. For successful businesses, they have to keep moving faster and transform at the same time.

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