DesignOps Amsterdam meetup

Meetup Highlights

Event Details

  1. VP of Experience Design at Barclays Banking Matteo Gratton and design lead at xarvio Digital FarmingTill Matthis Maessen told their story of creating a design system to unite and clarify the work of building two very different Mixing Consoles, considering four different levels of interactions (Human-Software-Hardware-Audio) in all possible combinations.
  1. Design Ops manager at ClearScore Bassel Deeb shared his story of building a DesignOps function from the ground up at his FinTech company, with practical advice on wins, how to avoid pain points, and considerations to ensure success.
  1. Ranglers Trish Lamanna and Omer Wazir talked about how we bring designers and developers together on projects, in what we call Dev-IneOps—building the best digital products and technology by working together, based on real-life examples of Rangle projects.

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