Measure the adoption of your design system with our open-source Radius tracker



Design systems are worthless if not used.

A design system is a tool, not a status symbol — it's not enough to have it. Your teams have to use your design system to improve your products. But how can you measure if teams are realizing and leveraging its full potential?

Track design system performance against internal competition

One of the best design system KPIs is the share of all the components in the codebase it takes out. Software products are delivered as code, and the design system is shipped as a part of it. Measuring how many times a design system is used in code, and comparing it to non-design system components is akin to measuring the market share of a product.




We built an open-source tool for collecting usage statistics

We built

to automatically collect and analyze component usage data from React projects. Run it against all of your product codebases at the same time to find out how people use your design system and non-design system components.

Fully on-premise and under your control, without uploading anything to third-party servers.


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Want to learn more?

We gave a talk at React Summit on design system adoption metrics

Grafana, an open-source devops monitoring platform, started a design system in 2018, and within a couple years reached a plateau of adoption, even though absolute numbers were growing.

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We built Radius Accelerator for starting your design system

The Radius design system starter kit is a collection of open-source tools and libraries that guide and help you to build your design system faster while following best practices.

We built a knowledge hub around design system related topics

In our Design Systems hub, we regularly share our best practices and Point of Views on how to build, run, scale, manage, measure and drive the adoption of design systems.