Introducing the New Angular DevTools

Thursday, Aug. 26  
12 pm ET  
Streaming live on our LinkedIn page
Modern frontend developers need great tools to debug and profile applications. Rangle and the Google Angular team have the solution: The new Angular DevTools. Building on our joint work on Google Augury, this new tool is more powerful than ever before, allowing devs to preview the structure of their application, providing insights using debugging APIs provided by the framework itself.  

DevTools was created with the Angular community in mind, and in response to the most requested features from developers like you.  

This webinar will demo the key features of DevTools, brought to you by Minko Gechev, Developer Relations Lead at Google, and Sumit Arora, Solution Architect at Rangle, who worked together to build the tool. They'll show you how DevTools can improve and strengthen your application builds, giving you a competitive advantage.



Minko Gechev, Technical Lead, Manager of Angular Developer Relations, Google

Minko is the author of the book Switching to Angular, and has been named to Forbes Bulgaria's 30 under 30 list for Science and Technology.  

Awarded by Google and the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for impactful and influential open source projects and publications, he is passionate about educating, growing and developing the Angular community.

Sumit Arora, Solution Architect, Rangle

Sumit Arora is a longtime Rangler, having been with the company for 7 years. An active contributor to the open source community, he has more than a decade of experience in building products — from ideation to scale and growth.  

He has been working closely with the Google Angular team for more than 5 years on a variety of product builds. Sumit is motivated by the variety of consulting work, and loves the challenge of creating software from scratch.

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